Welcome to the Porch Family Blog.  We are a family that consists of a grandma and two grandchildren who are busy with every day life, our hobbies, our pets and just living.

I’m Wendy or Grandma.  I am 46 years young and enjoy cooking, gardening, baking, reading, loving, playing with and training my dogs and loving my grandchildren.

Meet Mickey and Noah, my two grandchildren who came to live with me in October of 2010.  Mickey is now 11 years old and Noah is nine years old.  Together we have our Doxie named JC, my grandmother’s Doxie named Daisy Belle, my Saint Bernard named Bari and our Chocolate Labrador named Kimber.

We reside on three acres in the country and are surrounded by cornfields.  We enjoy country life and have wonderful friends who live near us.  Life is good here in the heartland!

We welcome you to follow our daily life and to enjoy it as we do.  We will be posting great recipes that we use, gardening information, lots of photos, updates on the children’s sporting events and much more.

Thank you!

The Porch Family


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